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Three Things To Know About Adding A Portable Toilet To The Common Area Of Your Lake Access Neighborhood

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When you move into a neighborhood that has lake access, there is often a common area where everyone can go to put their boats into the water or simply to hang out and enjoy the lake. In the common area, it is a good idea to have a portable toilet in place so that people can use the restroom when they need to. The following guide walks you through a few things that the HOA of the neighborhood needs to do to ensure that the toilet is as useful as it can possibly be.

Have a Lock Put on the Door to the Portable Toilet

It is important to make sure that only residents of the neighborhood are able to use the toilet to reduce the chances of it getting vandalized. A great way to make sure that only residents use it is to place a lock on the door to the toilet. It can be a lock that is opened with a specific code so that residents do not have to worry about carrying a key around with them when they go to the common area.

Ensure the Toilet Is Well Stocked at All Times

It is important to make sure that the toilet is always well stocked so that someone has the toilet paper and hand sanitizer that they need when they need it. A great way to ensure that there is always toilet paper available is to place a few rolls in a small shopping bag and looping the handles of the bag over the toilet paper dispenser. If the dispenser becomes empty, there will be a backup roll readily available to the person who is using the toilet.

Have the Toilet Emptied on a Regular Basis

It is important to make sure that the toilet is emptied on a regular basis to ensure that it does not overflow and that it does not attract pests or start to grow mold. During the summer months, the toilet needs to be emptied more often because it will be used often from people going to play in the lake.

Having the toilet available ensures that people do not have to run back to their house when they need to use the restroom. Portable toilet rentals are not very expensive and can be paid through the dues that the residents pay to the homeowner's association for the neighborhood each year rather than a resident paying for it themselves.