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What Is The Best Way To Detect Water Leaks In Your Home?

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One of the major concerns for a homeowner in maintaining their home is water damage. This can occur due to flooding, burst pipes, a hot water heater breaking or leaking and even a leaking faucet or appliance can cause damage. What happens if you have a leak but you are unsure of where it is? There are hidden leaks that can cause damage long before you even know they are there. What is the best way to detect water leaks in your home?

Smart Devices

In recent years, homeowners can buy smart devices to detect hidden leaks within their home and even pinpoint exact areas of their pipes where the leak is occurring in which they know where the problem is. These are sensors, usually not too expensive to purchase at a hardware store or online that can help find where the leak is. You place these sensors in areas that are likely to leak at some point and they can send an alert to your phone when a leak is found.

You can buy a variety of types of water leak detectors including battery or plug-in sensors, they can come with a built-in alarm that will sound when water is detected and it's possible to integrate them into your smart-home system such as Alexa or Google Home. You can have the sensor flash your lights if it detects water as well.

Professional Help

While smart devices are a great way to find leaks they may miss areas in which they are not connected to, or you might not have thought of to protect. Hiring a plumber to detect leaks in your home increases the probability that your leak will be found before any major damage is caused. They also have the tools and expertise to fix the problem at the source and repair any damage that's been caused already.

Plumbers have professional grade equipment including hand-held sensors that are powerful enough to detect leaks that might be in a hard to reach area.


It is possible to do what you can to prevent leaks from happening in the first place. You can purchase devices that will attach to a pipe's connection points that will help secure the point in which the leak could occur. You can add a sealant to connection points too, and keep checking periodically your appliances and hot water heater for the potential for leaks. If you find them ahead of time or the beginning of them, you can repair the problem before it can become a bigger issue.