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Where Will You Find The Money For Emergency Plumbing Repair?

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In today's economy, things can be pretty tight financially. This means that often households have a set budget which includes anticipated costs such as rent or mortgage, food, utilities, clothing, etc. Unfortunately, things happen within the household that require the expenditure of money, and this money is sometimes not budgeted for. For example, the water heater can break down, the refrigerator could go out, or costly air-conditioning service may be needed, etc.  Another major emergency that can happen within the household is the need for emergency plumbing services. Therefore, the question is: where will you find the money for plumbing repair? 

A Garage Sale

One possibility that the household can do in order to raise quick cash for a plumbing repair is to have a garage sale. Often, there are items just lying around that may be a treasure just waiting to be found for those who attend garage sales. Therefore, gather all those items that are no longer being used and put together a quick garage sale to raise the needed cash. To enhance the visibility of the garage sale perhaps the family can go together with a neighbor or two and have one giant garage sale.  This may improve the success of where extra money for plumbing repair will come from if the neighbors join forces and create a greater draw for customers.


Another option of where you will find the money for plumbing repair could be to find a plumber who is open to bartering with the homeowner.  Bartering is a proven method of payment for service through payment of another service provided by the one receiving the original service. For example, if a plumber is approached and asked if he or she would barter in payment for their plumbing service, the one needing the service has a landscaping business and they would be willing to provide their landscaping service up to or equal to the amount of the cost of having the plumbing repaired in their household.  This method of bartering could be utilized with basically any professional service offered by the recipients of one service in exchange for the service that they could provide. Bartering is legal; however, it is important to check IRS rules to make sure that the service bartered is or is not taxable.

Work Overtime or Extra Job

One other tried and true method in answering the question of where will you find the money for plumbing repair is by looking at your own place of employment. Perhaps employment policy allows for the employee to take an advance on their salary. Or, if there is a holiday approaching the employee may be able to work on the holiday and receive extra money that way. Additionally, the employee may be able to approach the manager to see if there are some extra hours required to get the job done that may be available to work.  Finally, if all of these options reach a dead end, maybe it is time to take on an extra job for a limited amount of time in order to cover the plumbing repair cost.

If you need emergency plumbing services, it's best not to wonder where the money will come from. Not getting the services could end up costing you thousands more in water damage or burst piping. While these ideas are some ways you can potentially make up the money for emergency plumbing services, please don't hesitate to call a specialist if you suspect your situation is serious enough to require emergency care.