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A Look At The Major Shortcomings Of DIY Drain Cleaning Concoctions You Make At Home

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It's water standing in your kitchen or bathroom sink that refuses to drain. It's a bathtub full of water that refuses to leave. It is clogged drains like this that can lead the average homeowner to look for helpful advice from other homeowners online. There's no shortage of DIY drain cleaning recommendations online, but many of these concoctions fall short of being truly helpful. Here is a look at why DIY drain cleaning concoctions you make at home are usually not a successful alternative to calling a professional for help. 

Many homemade drain cleaning concoctions involve boiling water. 

Boiling water is a common agent in DIY drain cleaning recipes. While this may sound like a logical solution, if your drain is clogged with some form of fat or grease, it really isn't the best choice to go into a clogged drain. Even if the boiling water does melt away grease and grime, it will simply harden once the drainage line cools back down, so not only will the gunk still be there, it may even be further down the drain line and harder to reach, when you have to call a pro. A professional drain cleaner will use specific tools to reach in and pull out the gunk, instead of pushing it further down the drainage line. 

Most homemade drain cleaning concoctions will be slightly effective, at best. 

You can Google DIY drain cleaning and come up with all kinds of suggestions, but for the most part, these concoctions will not do a whole lot if you have a drain that is truly clogged. For example, baking soda and vinegar are two ingredients in many DIY drain cleaning recipes. This mixture can help clear tiny particles and even break down a little grime, but if there is anything solid inside of the drain, you are more than likely wasting your time. 

Many homemade drain cleaning concoctions are not good for your septic system. 

It is not uncommon to come across a recommendation from another homeowner who just happened to discover a certain cleaning product that worked wonders to clear their drains. While it may be tempting to grab a bottle of Whatever-Cleaning-Product and pour it down a clogged drain, this really isn't the best idea. Many cleaning products are specifically labeled as unsafe for septic and sewer systems. Therefore, pouring them down the drain could cause damage to your septic system and may even be prohibited, if you are hooked up to a public sewer system.