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Three Times When You Need A Plumber To Clear A Drain

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If you have ever lost something down the drain in your home, you know that feeling of panic when you think it may be lost forever. Depending on the size, shape, and weight of the item, it may not be far down the drain at all. Calling a plumber to help recover that lost item or clear a drain blocked by something that has gone down the drain is not all that uncommon. In fact, if you ask the plumber, he probably has a story worse than yours to tell.

Emergency Plumbing Calls

When is it an emergency to call the plumber? Different people will have different answers for that question but if it is after regular business hours and you can not wait until the plumber opens for business in the morning, you can expect to be charged an emergency fee. Determining if you need the plumber and are willing to pay that added fee is something you have to decide but there are times when you want or need the plumber that time of the day or night. You will have to decide that if the situation arises.

Rings and Things

Rings are small and if you take them off to wash your hands, be sure to place them away from the edge of the sink. If they fall into the drain, they will more than likely not make it past the trap because of there weight but it even if they don't go any further than that, the plumbing has to come apart to get them out. The plumber will most likely start by removing the trap, or the S-shaped pipe under the sink to check there first. If the rings are not there, they may have gotten caught up somewhere along the drain system but it is hard to tell where and could result in a lot of time and expense to try and find them in the drain system.

Kids Will Be Kids

If you have kids you may have already experienced something going down the train because the child wants to see where it goes. Toys and other items have been flushed down toilets simply to see them get carried away. But what happens when that toy plugs the drain? It is time for the plumber to comes and remove it or clear the blockage. It may not be possible to recover the toy or another item from the drain but if the item gets caught up in the trap system that is built into the toilet, it may be possible to get the item back but it might mean pulling the toilet off its base to find the item.

Leaks and Broken Pipes

The more mundane emergency may be a leaking or broken pipe. While not near as entertaining for the plumber, these kinds of emergencies are more common. If you can shut the water to the leaking pipe off, you may be able to wait a day for the plumber to come out and fix it. If you can not shut it off, be sure to tell the plumber that so they can get out there right away and shut off the water to the home. Once there, they can determine the problem and fix it for you quickly and efficiently.