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How To Adjust The Temperature On A Shower Mixing Valve

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If your water is too hot or too cold in the shower, the mixing valve temperature likely needs adjusting. Modern faucets use a mixing valve with an anti-scald temperature regulator to keep the water temperature constant, which helps avoid scalding. Follow these tips to adjust the temperature of a shower mixing valve.

Prepare to Adjust the Shower Valve

To adjust the valve, you need: 

  • rags
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • pliers
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • hex wrench set (optional)
  • plastic cup
  • thermometer 

Run the faucet on hot for two to three minutes, and fill a cup with some water. Place the thermometer in the cup to check the temperature, which should be no more than 120 degrees F. 

Access the Temperature Limiter

Turn the faucet water off while you remove the handle. Check the handle for a cover that allows direct access to the temperature limiter, or look on the side of the handle. Shower faucets have an exposed handle screw or a center button that houses the handle screw. 

Store screws and faucet parts in a safe place as you remove them. Stuff a rag in the tub or shower drain to keep parts from falling into it. 

Exposed screws commonly need to be removed with an Allen wrench, and lever-type handles require a hex wrench. Otherwise, remove the center button by inserting a flat-blade screwdriver under it, then detach the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Detach the handle from the wall, then the handle attached to the hot water stop, the part that controls the volume of water.

Adjust the Temperature

Detach the water stop screw with the Philips screwdriver, and remove the stop. Lift the stop form the cartridge until the ring comes off the sleeve. or insert a flat-blade screwdriver under it to remove it from the stem. Rotate the faucet to the highest setting or a lower setting, then adjust the shower to the desired amount of water flow.

On cartridge faucets, grasp the front of the cartridge with pliers to pull it out slightly to loosen the ring from the metal sleeve teeth. You may need to remove the sleeve completely to adjust temperature controls.

Rotate the ring to the right to increase temperature or to the left to lower the temperature. Restore the water, and check the temperature using the cup method, then increase and decrease in small increments until you get it to the desired temperate.

Reinstall the sleeve, or put it back into place, then reinstall the water stop while the water runs. Replace the handle, then use pliers to turn off the faucet. Contact a company, like Travers Plumbing & Heating Inc, if you need more help.