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Three Advantages Of Solar Water Heaters

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Solar water heaters, as their name would suggest, are a type of hot water heater that make use of solar panels on your home to generate electricity to power the heating element. This distinct method of operation gives solar powered water heaters a number of distinctive features when compared to other, more traditional types of hot water heaters. Understanding the advantages associated with a solar water heater can help you figure out if installing a solar water heater is the right choice for your home.

Energy Savings

The first and most obvious benefit of installing a solar water heater in your home is the fact that it will greatly reduce your energy bills each month. This is because there are no operation costs associated with the day to day operation of a solar water heater. The exact amount of money that you save will depend on the unit that you are replacing, the climate of your home, and how much hot water you use each day, but over time the amount will always be significant. Further, it's important to note that eventually, the energy savings that a solar hot water heater will provide to your home will pay off the initial cost of the unit, meaning that a solar water heater can be regarded as an investment.

Environmentally Friendly

Another major and fairly obvious benefit of using a solar water heater over a traditional electric or gas-powered water heater is the environmental benefits that come with using a renewable power source. Beyond lowering your monthly bills, a solar water heater will also significantly reduce your home and family's environmental impact and carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener lifestyle.

Home Value

Finally, due to the above two benefits associated with solar powered water heaters, installing one on your home can significantly increase your home's value. This is doubly true if you live in an extremely sunny area and have other parts of your home connected to the solar panels as well, as the cost savings and green benefits are compounded for every connected appliance. This means that if you are considering moving into a new home at any time in the future, installing a solar water heater in your home could be an upgrade that eventually pays off in real monetary terms. You should also speak to a tax specialist to see if there are any state or local incentives that come with installing solar panels on your home, as this can help offset the initial cost of installation. 

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