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You Do Not Have To Look At The Ugly Hot Water Heater In Your Home

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If you are sharing a living space with your hot water heater, you've probably been looking for a way to hide the ugly water heater. Here, you'll learn a few things that you can do to hide the hot water heater that you need in your home.

Fire Codes

Before any changes are made, take some time to look into the fire codes for your area. There is a set amount of space that needs to be between the hot water heater and any enclosure. The hot water heater needs room to breathe and could become a fire hazard if you do not leave enough space around the unit. If you fail to follow the local fire codes, you could end up losing your homeowner's insurance or being denied any claims that you submit regarding the hot water heater.

Dressing Screen – Room Divider

Folding dressing screens come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to hide your hot water heater. All you have to do is spend a little time looking for the dressing screen that fits the décor and is tall enough to conceal most, if not all, of the hot water heater.

When you position the dressing screen, make sure to leave it folded enough to support itself. Many people make the mistake of trying to stretch the length of the screen to cover more space, but then, the screen will fall over at the slightest touch.

Bi-Fold Louvered Doors

You can pick up used bi-fold louvered doors for very little. If you don't like the looks of what you've bought, you can give it a quick paint-job and improve the appearance.

Hook and loop hardware is installed to the door and the wall directly beside the hot water heater to keep the door stabilized. If you'd like, you can use hinges on the wall and door to make it easy to swing the louvered doors open and closed.


Curtains can also be used to hide your hot water heater. It can be difficult to find curtains that are long enough to extend from floor to ceiling, so you may need to go out and purchase fabric and sew a rod loop into the top of it.

Purchase a ceiling curtain mount and hang the curtain from it. One thing you may consider doing is adding a few weights to the bottom of the curtain to keep it from blowing into the hot water heater when people pass by.

Talk with your local hot water heater professional to learn more about hiding the hot water heater that you need in your home.