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What You Can Do About Tree Roots Affecting Your Sewer Line

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One problem that many homeowners have with their plumbing is tree roots affecting their sewer line. Over time, these roots can puncture the pipe that is going to the city sewer system, leading to the need to hire a plumber to fix the problem. While you may feel like there is nothing you can do about this problem, there actually are a few tips that will help you deal with them.

Water Surrounding Trees

The reason that tree roots will try to puncture a pipe is because they are looking for moisture. You can actually help a tree get all of the moisture it needs by watering them regularly. If you see any signs of drought in a tree, like leaves that are very small or leaves that are falling off prematurely, it means the tree needs water. Watering the tree will prevent those roots from trying to seek out a water source underground and puncturing the sewer pipe.

Plant Trees That Have Small Roots

Some trees have roots that will spread out wide underground, while other trees have roots that are contained within a small ball. You will want to avoid planting any trees that have roots that will grow fast and aggressively. Sycamores, poplars, and willows are definitely not a good idea if they are near your main sewer line. Instead, you should be planting Japanese maple or dogwood trees.

Plant Trees Far From The Sewer Line

You should also consider where your sewer line is located and try to plant new trees as far from it as possible. Your city can provide you with more information about where these pipes are located, since there is usually a local number you can call for information about underground utility lines. If not your city, than a local plumber can let you know where that pipe is located.

Know The Warnings

Sometimes an existing tree makes tree roots unavoidable. If so, you need to know what warning signs to look out for that tree roots are affecting the sewer line. You may have slow moving drains in every room of your home, or water draining out from one room of your home and ending up in another. You'll also hear gurgling sounds from various drains.

If you do have tree roots, contact a company such as Cove Plumbing Inc that can help clear out the drain and get rid of the roots causing the clog.