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Buying A Property Under Foreclosure? Be Aware Of These Potential Plumbing Problems

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Are you looking into purchasing a property that is under foreclosure? If so, be aware that there will likely be some things wrong with the property in exchange for getting such a great price for it. Thankfully, many things that are broken can be fixed, including plumbing issues. Here are some common plumbing issues that you may run into with a foreclosed home.

Burst Pipes

A vacant building often has the utilities turned off, which means that the HVAC system is not going to be constantly running to keep the building warm. If the foreclosure took place over the winter, the plumbing could have still had water in it with temperatures in the building that reached below freezing. It can result in pipes bursting or cracking, which will require those pipes to be replaced.

Even if the plumbing looks like it is in good shape, do not assume that everything was winterized properly. Things as simple as hoses left connected to outdoor spigots can lead to the fixture being broken, which you will not realize until after you move into the home.

Damage Caused by Leaks

Any leaking plumbing was likely ignored by the previous owner during the end of their time in the building. There can be places behind walls or in ceilings where plumbing is leaking water, causing a water stain to form in a place you cannot easily reach. Be aware that any leaking pipes will have to be fixed, which means potentially ripping apart the drywall to reach the source of the leak.

Damage Caused By Mold

Water in the building, either from leaks or burst pipes, can cause mold to form. While some mold can be identified just by looking at it, some mold can be smelled due to it being in a hard-to-find place. You'll want to have mold remediation done to ensure that all of the toxic growth is gone and that the building's air quality is improved.

Missing Fixtures

If a building owner is getting kicked out of their property due to foreclosure, it is possible that they try to take anything out from the building that they can to sell it for cash. This includes removing water fixtures throughout the building. It is not unheard of to need to add faucets to the bathrooms because they are missing, so be sure to budget for the cost of these new fixtures before you purchase the building.


If you're looking at a recently foreclosed property, be sure to check with a professional plumbing team for your residential or commercial plumbing to avoid extra costs.