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Figuring Out A Wall Leak: Avoid Further Damage To Your Home

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There are times when a pipe within your ceiling or walls will have a slow leak that you don't notice until there is water damage to your home. You may notice that wallpaper is slowly peeling off a section of the wall or that the wall has a water stain. Sometimes you might find a small bubble in your ceiling that is damp to the touch. The leak could be new and bigger than you know, or it could be a slow and steady leak that has been building up water for some time. When you notice water damage to your home, it's important to contact a plumbing repair service to come and investigate further.

When a Pipe Bursts

If you lose heat overnight and you have water in your pipes, you run the risk of having a pipe burst. This is usually an obvious leak and one that creates a plumbing emergency in your home. If you suddenly notice that your ceiling is dripping water, this is usually an indication that the pipe has broken and is wide open, letting water into your home. Your plumber will find the broken pipe and repair the problem quickly to avoid further damage to your home.

If You Find Water Stains

Sometimes you might find water damage that is caused by a drain pipe that isn't used all the time. If you have a second bathroom in your home, for example, you may not shower in it all the time. If the drain leaks, it's possible that you won't notice this for some time. A drain that isn't used frequently can cause water stains on your walls or ceilings that dry up before they are noticed. If you find signs of water damage in your home that is now dry, a plumbing repair service should be called eventually. It's not an emergency, but it should be checked out to see what is causing the issue.

Wall leaks can come on suddenly or can occur over time. The problem could be with the connection between two pipes, with a pipe that has burst, or with a corroded pipe. You may have a drain that leaks and is causing water to drip into your home. Most of the time the issue is a plumbing problem, although there are times when the water could be coming in from a leak in your roof. Contact a company like Arctic Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc. to assess what is going on and get your leak fixed.