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How To Take Care Of The Plumbing In Your Rental Home

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Fortunately, when you rent a home, someone else is responsible for plumbing repairs. However, you still have the responsibility to maintain the plumbing properly and report problems such as leaks so they don't cause water damage. Here are a few things to know about taking care of the plumbing in your rental home.

Know Your Responsibilities

Before you move in, talk to your landlord about what to do if your toilet backs up or a sink clogs and you need the help of a plumber. You'll probably need to call your landlord before you call a plumber, and the landlord may want to look at the situation first. However, you should find out where the emergency water shut-off valves are and make sure you know how to work them so you can stop a leak by turning off the right valve.

Prevent Problems With Drain Screens

The best way to prevent problems with drain clogs is to put screens in or over all the drains so hair, food, and other debris can't get in the pipes to make clogs. You can buy drain screens for a tub, shower, sink, and even your washing machine. You can't use a screen on the toilet or garbage disposal, so you'll want to know what you can and can't flush down the toilet or run through the disposal.

Call Your Landlord At The First Sign Of Trouble

A water leak does a lot of damage to a home, so even if you don't know where the leak is or if you're not sure you have a leak, you should report a high water bill or sounds of rushing water to your landlord promptly. Also report clogs you can't clear, drains that are slow to empty, and any problems you have with your washer or dishwasher. You don't want to live with plumbing that doesn't work right, and your landlord has the responsibility to make sure everything in your home is functional. It's best to report problems right away so your landlord can send out a plumber before expensive damage is done to the home.

Don't Make Repairs Yourself

Don't try to repair plumbing yourself even if you think you're able to do so. Of course, you can use a plunger to clear clogs, but if clogs are stubborn, don't be aggressive with the pipes. You don't want to cause plumbing damage that you have to pay for because you attempted repairs or caused pipe damage by trying to fix a problem yourself. Instead, call the landlord and wait for them to send plumbers to your rescue.