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Tips To Help You Prevent Garbage Disposal Problems This Holiday Season

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If you are hosting a large family meal or gathering during the holiday season, your garbage disposal may be subjected to additional use. Unfortunately, many people encounter problems with their garbage disposals that include the disposal not working or the disposal leaking. Here are a few tips that you may want to follow to help decrease your chances of running into garbage disposal problems this holiday season. 

Have Any Garbage Disposal Problems Addressed Before the Holidays

If you notice that your garbage disposal seems to be making any strange sounds, such as clanking, grinding or humming noises, or you smell burning when you use the disposal, something is likely already wrong with it. If you continue to use it, the problem will only worsen. Take the time to inspect the garbage disposal for signs of leaks and listen to it to ensure it is operating normally. 

Flush Your Drain With Hot Water

Before you begin to prep your holiday meal, boil a large pot of hot water and then send it down your drain. This removes any grease or film that is stuck on your garbage disposal, as well as helps to flush your drain line of any grease or soap residue. This helps prevent garbage disposal smells and problems, as well as potential sink clogs. 

Be Mindful Of What You Send Down the Garbage Disposal

If you are hosting a holiday meal, one of the best things that you can do is serve the meal on paper plates. This way, guests throw away unwanted food, and you do not have dishes to do. As you prepare food, be mindful of what you send down the garbage disposal. Vegetable peels can overwork your garbage disposal and cause a clog, and meat bones can break the disposal. 

Run Cold Water on the Garbage Disposal During and After Use

Finally, when you do run the garbage disposal, be sure to run cold water while the garbage disposal is in use, and for 30 to 60 seconds afterward. Your garbage disposal is being used more during the holiday season, and being used back to back can cause the motor to overheat. Running cold water helps to prevent the garbage disposal from overheating. 

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent every problem with a garbage disposal from happening. If you encounter problems with your garbage disposal during the busy holiday season, contact your preferred plumbing service. Many plumbing services are working long hours to ensure all of your plumbing needs are met, even during the holidays.