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Top Reasons Why Your Pipes Might Have Collapsed

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If your home experiences a collapsed pipe, this is a significant inconvenience and can also cost you a lot of money. For this reason, you'll need to know what can cause your pipes to collapse so that you can predict when it's going to happen and repair your pipes.

The Age of the Pipes

Pipes that are the most likely to collapse are older pipes. The older your pipes, the more vulnerable that they are to rough weather. If you are not sure how old your pipes are, you'll want to contact a plumber for a sewer line inspection.

Tree Root Penetration

Trees will penetrate pipes as they search for water. They are able to penetrate pipes by finding small cracks and slowly infiltrating the pipes. The roots weaken the structure of the pipes and can cause them to collapse. Tree roots can also cause your underground pipes to become clogged. You will need an electric snake to cut through the tree roots.

The Type of Soil

The type of soil around your property can also affect your pipes. Clay soils tend to be more corrosive. If your soil contains a lot of chloride, it is more likely to corrode and collapse. Therefore, by understanding the type of soil you have, you'll be able to determine if you should be concerned about the longevity of your pipes. 

Human Error

When you are digging on your property, you might strike a pipe and cause it to collapse. Also, driving a vehicle over your pipes, even if soil is on top, can place pressure on the pipes and affect the structural integrity of the pipes, increasing the risk that they will collapse. The stress can also cause your pipes to crack and leak.

Pipe Repair

Fortunately, if your pipes collapse, you do not need to have your property dug up. Instead, you can rely on a trenchless pipe repair. It's important to have the pipes replaced by a plumber because pipes that are installed improperly or that were damaged while on route to your property are more likely to collapse.

Preventing Collapsed Pipes

To make sure that your pipes are in good condition, you will need to hire a plumber who can perform plumbing maintenance work by cleaning out any clogs that you have in your drains. A plumbing inspection can also reveal that you have pipes that have collapsed. 

Contact your plumber about any plumbing repair work you need done!