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Plumbing Getting Older? 2 Tips To Detect Water Leaks

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If the plumbing in your home has not been replaced in some time, you need to know of problems you may have. One of these problems is a water leak. This could easily happen to older pipes. You may have a small water leak that is hard to detect. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you detect a leak, two of which are listed below.

Use Water Leak Detection Systems

There are water leak detection systems that can be used to find water leaks in a home. One type is known as a passive water leak detection system. This type runs by a battery, sensors, and stands alone. When the system detects a water leak an alarm will sound. This will enable you to know where the water leak is so you can make the repairs yourself or hire a plumber. You do have to check the batteries periodically to ensure they do not need to be changed.

There are also active water leak detection systems where an alarm will also sound alerting you of a water leak. This system will then stop water flow automatically. There are whole house active detection systems. With this, all plumbing pipes are monitored and if a leak is found the main water supply to your home will be turned off. A sensor is installed on every water pipe. If water is detected, the sensor uses a radio signal to send a message to the control valve. It may also use a wired connection to send this message. 

A plumber can tell you the best type of water leak detection system you should use for your home. The plumber should also install the system for you as it can be complex. 

Check Plumbing Pipes

Because your plumbing is old, hire a plumber to look at your water pipes. The plumber can detect what water pipes you have. For example, if the house is older it may have cast iron plumbing pipes. Cast iron is very durable but the main drawback is this material will rust over time. 

Plastic plumbing pipes are also used and are commonly made with PVC. Plastic pipes are popular because they are not expensive and much easier to use when compared to other materials. Plastic pipes are generally a cream or white color and often used for plumbing drain lines. Plastic also stands up well over time.

PEX is also used in many homes and the newest plumbing material available. PEX cuts well and is a flexible material. Compression fittings are used when installing the pipes and this type is much easier when compared to other connections. PEX plumbing pipes are much more expensive than plastic pipes. 

The plumber that you hire can also check for water leaks in other ways.