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Air Conditioner Repair Protects Seniors From Heat-Related Deaths

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Every year, a large number of seniors pass away when the summer temperatures get too high. The frustrating thing about this issue is that it doesn't have to happen: air conditioners could keep them safe. And if their unit breaks down, repairs could give them the help that they need to avoid injury.

Heat-Related Senior Deaths are Troubling

When stories about seniors passing away in their apartments due to heat start spreading every summer, it's easy to wonder how this could possibly happen. Sadly, many seniors don't have air conditioning or have a unit that doesn't work after breaking down. And limited funds may make it hard for them to justify repair, even as heat increases and they get more and more uncomfortable.

Anybody who knows somebody in this situation is likely worried about their loved one and what may happen to them. Typically, it is necessary to find a way to get their air conditioner repaired. This step is crucial even if it costs a lot of money or if the whole unit needs to be replaced. That's because air conditioner repairs are often simpler than most people probably realize.

Types of Repairs to Expect

Air conditioner failure is often related to a few simple issues. The most common is probably a lack of Freon. This gas is what helps to cool air and, when it leaks out of a unit or disappears in a very old system, the unit won't work. This repair is very simple—a maintenance expert comes to the home and fills the unit back up with Freon to get it working in a matter of minutes.

And more extensive problems, such as fan failure or freezing coils, are usually due to a few simple types of mechanical failures. For example, freezing coils may be due to dirt getting in the air filter and causing it to run poorly. Repairs for this problem can include replacing or cleaning the air filter or taking other steps to ensure that the unit gets back up and running in no time.

In many ways, these repairs are very inexpensive and may be easy for more seniors to afford than may realize it. Unfortunately, they may assume that they cannot afford these fixes and just try to ride out the summer heat. Instead of making this mistake, it is critical to encourage them to get help immediately from AC repair services who can perform these fixes quickly and efficiently.